Department of Health Services-Sabaragamuwa Province
Dept. of health services Sabaragamuwa province Sri Lanka with the implementation of Provincial Council Act in 1989, the Sabaragamuwa governed health services were devolved, resulting in the Ministry of Health at the national level and separate Ministries of Health in the nine provinces.
In the Sabaragamuwa Province, the Department of Provincial Health Services is under the Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Social Welfare, Probation & Child care Services. There is a Minister and a Secretary to the Ministry.
The department is responsible for the management and effective implementation of health services, the development of policies and guidelines and the management of human resources within the Province.

The Provincial Director is the head of the Provincial Department of Health Services. There are 2 Regional Directors of Health Services (RDHS) for the province with each covering an area geographically similar to the administrative units of district secretariats.